It all started with a discovery. Juicy and tender chickens marinated for 12-14 hours with secret recipes, unique sauces and various spices, became legendary and were awarded 3 stars by the prestigious International Taste Institute.

The first restaurants were opened in Turkey in 2012 under Tavuk Dünyası brand name, meaning ‘World of Chicken’ and then globally under Gagawa brand name. In less than a decade the brand exceeded 220 restaurants in more than 50 cities.

The various delicious chicken flavours inspired by cuisines from across the world, served with exquisite pasta with sauce and fresh Mediterranean salad, on our famous large plates in our cosy restaurants attracted millions of guests.In 2015, one of the leading equity firms in Turkey, Mediterra Capital Partners invested in Gagawa accelerating growth and institutionalisation.


Amazing Mind

  • Secret recipes 12-14 hours of marination with unique sauces and various spices
  • A variety of delicious chickens inspired by international cuisines


Fulfilling Servings

  • Balanced meals
  • Generous portions


Prepared Like Home-Made

  • Healthy cooking methods
  • Pans used once


Relaxing Restaurants

  • Cosy and comfortable settings

To provide everyone the opportunity to enjoy a high quality, delicious, affordable meal in an environment where one can feel himself or herself valued.


  • We build trust
  • We are authentic
  • We are sincere
  • We are masters
  • We are passionate

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